Project Time Management Workshop

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(2 Days)


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :

  • Lay a broad Project time management foundation
  • Understand the impediments to personal success and impact on the workplace
  • Identify what they don't know about time management so as to work on them
  • Exposed trainees to PM Methodologies, Tools & Techniques Enabled to management personal time and become more effective at work
  • Enable to management personal time and become more effective at work
  • Understand the organisation and project environment
  • How organisation structure impact organisational performance
  • Purpose driven definition and scoping that facilitate project delivery


This programme examines the concepts and how the principles are applied in a real life environment under ever changing managerial situation and how our work environment can impact our daily routines/workflow making us less effective. Participants compare what they think they do daily and what they actually do and note the gap between perception and reality? Our approach empowers the participants to think in the context of their personal and corporate goals so that they will be enabled to better manage themselves to fit the time that they have.

The programme is structured around how adults learn and how concepts can be introduced in a more holistic and coordinated manner. Attendees are exposed to the real world and get insights into how projects are triggered, conceptualised, initiated and eventually delivered. When completed, participants should be able to identify the key concepts and practices and relate them to their workplace and be more effective in maintaining a better work and personal life balance.


This course is specially design for C level executives and middle managers, Project managers and Team leaders

Team Leaders and above


This program will be conducted with Student centered learning / Experiential Learning, Lectures & participative information exchange, Application of principles in practice and Structured to enhance adult learning

  • The positive attitude mindset
  • Case study 1
  • Concept of time

Differentiating Effectiveness And Efficiency
  • Time robbers
  • Relevance of the Pareto principle
  • Case study 2

The Success Imperative
  • Case study 3 : My daily routines
  • The Daily task profile
  • Case study 4 : My actual daily routines
  • Prioritising my daily routine

The Urgency And Importance Quadrant
  • Setting priorities
  • Using RAM and RACI chart
  • Dealing with changing priorities
  • Dealing with schedule changes