Purchasing And Negotiation Skills

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This workshop provides the expediting skill needed by the Purchaser to fulfill their obligations toward the users by securing timely delivery with the most cost-effective price, quality and service standards of the materials purchased. Purchaser will also learn 3-power negotiation strategies to obtain the best deal from negotiations with the supplier.

  • Train as an assertive purchasing professionals that get things done promptly
  • Gain intensive purchasing knowledge and expediting skills in cost reduction of purchases and services
  • Develop professional approaches in buying & getting supplies on time
  • Increase purchasing staff productivity and contribution
  • Design practical purchasing performance report
  • Learn to purchase the right amount of stock to avoid excessive stock-up in the store
  • Train in as an assertive negotiator and achieve company’s objective in negotiation
  • Know the unethical gambits in purchasing negotiation and how to deal with them
  • Learn the art of managing impasses and deadlocks
  • Use power negotiating strategy to get the best price and yet maintain the quality, required specification and service level
  • Maximize your learning by practical case study

Purchasers, buyers, accounts, logistics personnel and all those who would like to know about cost effective purchasing and negotiation skills


Use of lectures, experiential games, workshop activities, role plays and case studies. Presentation and explanation will be in a mixture of English, Mandarin and other local dialects

Module 1: How To Be An Effective Purchasing Skill Expediter
  • Learn how to deal with frequent urgent purchase requisition
  • Learn the different types of purchasing techniques, to achieve the right price quality, quantity, and service
  • Set realistic performance goals in preparing for the cost effective purchasing
Module 2: How To Track Supplier Delivery Effectively
  • Who is the supplier V. I. P
  • Ten Tactics to deal with unreliable suppliers
  • Develop supplier performance report – enhance purchasing department contribution as a good service supporter
  • Workshop activity: Tactics to deal with unreliable suppliers
Module 3: Develop Effective Purchasing Strategy In Expediting The Supplies On Time
  • Know the strategy of smart selection, sourcing, negotiating, ordering and expediting
  • Develop effective purchasing strategy on suppliers and get your purchase orders to be delivered on time
  • Determine the RIGHT amount to order so that to avoid excess stock lying in the store
  • Workshop activity: Strategy to get suppliers to deliver on time
Module 4: Cost Reduction Strategy
  • Familiarize with the different cost reduction strategies
  • How to implement the cost reduction without sacrificing the quality of service and products
  • Strategize to convert difficult / negative supplier and that are important to you and win them over
Module 5: What is Power Negotiation All About?
  • What are the objectives in negotiation?
  • When is the right time to start negotiating?
  • What are the four phases of face-to-face negotiation?
Module 6: Find Out The Three Negotiation Strategies That Bring You The Desired Results
  • What are the three negotiation strategies?
  • How to plan and prepare for negotiating?
  • Learn negotiation tactics from case study
Module 7: Bargaining Strengths and Weakness Strategies in Negotiation
  • What are the strengths of the suppliers, vendors and contractors?
  • What are the weaknesses of the purchasing company?
  • Learn how to find out the price break down to get a better deal
  • What are the unethical gambits used in negotiation?
  • How to nibble for more consensus towards the negotiation end?
  • Workshop activity : Negotiation practical approach