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(2 Days)


· Understand the fundamental statistics in relation to SPC Program

· Identify the sources of Quality & Process Variations

· Perform Process Capability Study

· Perform Quality Control using SPC method

· Identify the elements in implementing and maintaining an effective SPC Program

· Understand where quality issues come from

· Use statistical method to analyze and improve quality control

· Reduce quality problem and inspection mode

· Organization could develop a higher quality technical staffs to bring upon high productivity, technical process control and cost improvement


In most cases, visual manual inspection of product quality is deployed to screen out defects from the good batch of products. However, the origin of quality problem is not derived from this inspection area. The source of the quality problem may come from a few processes before the inspection begin. It could well develop from the unstable operating process or equipment. Hence, Quality Control can be managed through technical analysis within the processes and equipment. In this case, Statistical Process Control, SPC in manufacturing is applied to understand quality of processes and equipment, thus providing the opportunity to control quality at source.


· Level – Managers, Executives, & Professionals & Senior Personnel

· Department – Engineering, Production & QA

· Industry – Manufacturing


· Approx 20:80 rule - 20% sharing, & 80% learning activities

· Accelerated learning - Highly interactive with experience facilitator

· Implied & Work related learning activities with highly engaging interactions

Module 1: Introduction to SPC

· Learning Objectives

· SPC Definition

· SPC Is Useful To

· Purpose SPC

· Benefits Of SPC

· SPC Key Points

Module 2: Understanding of Quality

· Defining Quality

· How does Quality affects us

· Linking Quality with SPC

Module 3: Fundamental Statistics

· Population & Sample

· Estimate Measures Of Central Tendency

· Estimating Measures Of Spread

· Standard Deviation

· Standard Deviation – Comparison

Module 4: Histogram

· Histogram – Uses & Benefits

· Linking Key Specifications to Histogram studies

· Drawing A Histogram

· Histogram – Normal Distribution

· Histogram – Distribution Analysis

· Interpreting Histogram

· Histogram – Problem Solving Options

Module 5: Nature of Variation

· Variation & Quality

· Causes Of Variation

· Example Of Sources Of Variation

· Improving Quality in Variation Studies

Module 6: Measurement System Overview