Safety & Health In Warehousing & Logistics

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Warehousing and logistics mishaps tend to be less severe than most manufacturing related accident. Yet a series of relatively minor incidents can still seriously injure employees and lead to loss of productivity, higher insurance bills and government fines. The primary injuries occurring in warehouse & logistics stem from slips trips and falls, ergonomic & manual handling through lifting, reaching, pulling, pushing & turning, material handling accidents such as dropped boxes & forklift accidents, contact with workplace vehicles eg. forklift trucks or vans and struck by falling objects from warehouse racking, road accident and occupational illness.

Effective safety & health management for warehouse & logistics will involve looking at the risks that arise from activities & then putting sensible safety & health measures in place to suitably control them. This will enable the company to not only control them and also protect the employees & members of the public from harm but also to protect your premises, goods, equipment & reputation.

  • Understand the fundamental of occupational safety & health and the basic principle of accident prevention
  • Interpret the legislation requirement and its liabilities under OSHA 1994
  • Understand the primary injuries occur in warehousing & logistics and prevent accident and injury through safe work practices
  • Learners will have the theoretical knowledge of warehouse & logistics safety and also the practical skill through safety & health risk assessment
  • Conduct hazard identification, determine risk rating based on the severity and likelihood of hazards and recommend risk control measures
  • Recognized occupational hazards and manage occupational issues at the workplace
  • Describe various ergonomic problems and be alert for symptoms among workers and prevent and minimize personal injuries arising from ergonomic & manual handling
  • Understand the dangerous goods and chemical safety that have direct impact on the workers
  • Understand the fundamental of Slips ,Trips & Falls
  • Understand the general safety of operating forklifts
  • Value the ability to continually learn and the ability to apply what has been learned

For all learners that need to know the appropriate knowledge and skills to work safely in warehouse and logistics.


It is a highly interactive program where speakers can share their knowledge and experience about the topic and problem areas the participants need to know. It consists of lectures, practical exercise in case study and syndicate presentation in case study.

Module 1: Introduction
  • Ice breaking
  • Knowledge technology
Module 2: Overview of Safety & Health
Module 3: Overview of Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994
Module 4 - Ergonomic & Manual Handling
Module 5 - Dangerous Good / Chemical Safety Awareness
Module 6 - Slips, Trips & Falls
Module 7 - Forklift Safety
Module 8 - OSH Risk Management – Identification of Hazards, Evaluation of Risks & Control Measures
Module 9 - Practical Risk Assessment & Group Presentation