Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords)
Private Class From
(2 Days)
To provide a better understanding on current digital marketing trends and the power of social media to increase productivity. It will touch on how to fully utilize the power of Google Adwords, Google Trends and Google analytics.

  • Understand current digital -marketing trends
  • Knowing the power of search engine marketing
  • Aware of the power of Google Adwords
  • Understanding Google Trends & Google analytics
  • Able to open a Google adwords account
  • Able to run first ads on Google
  • Able to do keywords research
  • Know the rules of selecting keywords
  • Able to use quick tools to look for all relevant keywords

Sales & marketing department, digital marketing department, any department which is responsible for customer service


This program will be constructed in step by step& hands-on learning basic

  • What is Google Adwords
  • How to recognize an ads
  • Why is search engine marketing is important
  • Creating your very first Google Adwords account
  • Using your website navigational structure to structure your adwords campaigns
  • Naming your campaign and selecting the right campaign type
  • Understanding the different types of Google devices targeting
  • Understand location targeting at the campaigns level in adwords
  • Using advanced location targeting setting to further customize your ad delivery
  • Setting your language targeting settings and introduction to bidding strategies
  • Automated budding strategies
  • Understand standard vs advance ad delivery options
  • Configuring multiple campaign- level ad extensions inside the adwords dashboard
  • Understanding what ad rotation is & how to choose the right ad rotation for you
  • Overview of dynamic search ads
  • Keyword basics: keywords vs queries
  • An overview of keywords strategies and keywords research tools
  • Understanding the characteristics of keywords
  • Understanding keywords match types
  • Understanding broad match keyword
  • Understanding broad match modified keywords
  • Understanding phrase and exact match keywords
  • The concept of keywords theme
  • Using Google suggested keywords and creating your first list
  • Advance keyword research: Using the google keywords planner
  • Understanding negative keywords in-depth
  • Using broad, phrase and exact match with your negative keywords
  • Adding and removing negative keywords lists
  • ROI (return on investment) vs ROAS (return on ads spend)
  • Calculate ROI & ROAS