Successful and Effective Purchasing Negotiation

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Purchasing Professionals - Purchasing Managers, Professional Buyers, Purchasing Officers, Purchasing Executives, Administrative Managers, Secretaries, Entrepreneurs and all involved in the company’s purchasing.


PowerPoint Presentation, Videos, Case Studies and Buyer & Seller Role Play

Module 1: Roles, Responsibilities and Contribution of Purchasing to Business Profitability
Module 2: What Is a Successful and Effective Negotiation
Module 3: Approaches in Negotiation

· Adversarial Negotiation

· Partnership Negotiation

Module 4: What a Successful Negotiator Will Do

· Spend quality time planning and preparing for the negotiation

· Consider a wider range of variables that can be traded in the negotiation

· Give more time to areas of common ground between the parties involved

· Distinguish between positions and interests

· Have clearly defined objectives

Module 5: Skills of a Negotiator / Team

· Planning ability, Self esteem, Competitiveness

· Persistence, Personal integrity, Intelligence

· Patience / Tolerance for ambiguity, Ability to gain respect,

· Problem solving ability

· Able to control, Ethical behavior, Be tactful

· Analytical ability, Decisiveness, Ability to listen

Module 6: Negotiation Objectives and Strategy

· Objectives should be quantifiable

· An estimation should be made

· Objectives help buyer to focus

· Objectives should be focused on variables

Module 7: Relevant Information

· Objectives

· Cost data

· Price history

· Spend analysis

· Product analysis

· Market analysis

Module 8: Negotiation Techniques

· Preparation

· Body language

· Posture of power

· Supplier strengths and weaknesses

Module 9: What to Negotiate

· Quality

· Quantity

· Time of delivery

· Price

· Term and conditions

Module 10: Three approaches in negotiation

· Win-Win

· Win-win

· Win-Lose

Module 11: What is L-I-M

· Like

· Intend

· Minimum

· General rule

ü Measurable

ü Achievable

ü Stretching