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Private Class from


(2 Days)


· To be able to handle outgoing calls to customers on matters on debt collection

· To handle difficult customers on the phone

· To be able to profile the customers using LAB profile system

· To be able to benchmark against other CC in the industry


This program will be suited for call centre staff to be much better in their skills set and knowledge in this industry.



Break patterns to achieve a better working team.

The approach to Team Building has changed. It is now no longer seen just as a channel to have bonding sessions with the team only. It is also a great channel to have learning opportunities.

The methodology approach will be very experiential & reflection based. As we understand the many learning patterns of people. In this session the approaches can be listed as:

1. Team Dynamics (exploring big, medium & small teams’ concepts)

2. Context setting from working agreement to expectations (returning the ownership to the people)

3. FUN elements (Serious FUN, FUN seriously and at times just FUNN –Functional understanding not necessary)

4. Value base learning / feed backs / sharing

Module 1: The world matrix in call centre management
  • The KPI’s standards we need
  • The Flow of calls in a CC
  • The next level in service experience
Module 2: Call Management system
  • Understanding the role of CRM’s
  • Managing incoming & outgoing calls
  • Service recovery at the CC’s
Module 3: Working with world class standards
  • Knowing the best standards and practicing it
  • Managing the KPI’s in the 21st century Modern CQS and how it works
  • Managing QA call monitoring in modern times
Module 4: Crisis Communication in Contact Centres
  • Identify your Crisis Management Team members
  • Spoke person Training for mainstream media / social media / online
  • Development of holding statements
Module 5: Crisis Communication in Contact Centres part 2
  • Assess the Crisis situation
  • Finalize and adapt key messages
  • Post Crisis Analysis
Module 6: Contact Centre Admin