The Winning Skills Of Power Sales Excellence With NLP Method

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(3 Days)


Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Unleash the hidden sense of persuasion within yourself within 60 seconds
  • Discover the success secrets of the top salespeople
  • Influencing people around you to your ideology, vision, idea
  • Master an easy-to-follow guide to getting anyone to buy from you instantly
  • Making the process of influence, sales, marketing your second nature
  • Recognize buyer's motivations instantly with in-depth understanding of human's need hierarchy
  • Having a personal introduction, that arouses interest and build trust instantly
  • Rid your sales “fear" and “procrastination" permanently
  • Access the strengths of your innate traits
  • Recognize your own influencing style and how to flex this style effectively
  • Naturally deploy psychological techniques to create compelling reasons and a desire to purchase your product/service immediately
  • Able to deliver high-impacts presentations with high conviction to all levels of people (inclusive CEO)
  • Identify the features of your competition, to create distinction in your product/service
  • Beyond features; How to show the real benefits of your product or service
  • The secret to turning cold calls into red-hot prospects
  • Get customers to keep coming back despite shortcomings in your product/service
  • Winning business when you don't have the lowest pricing or reward scheme
  • Get your clients and prospects to refer quality buyers to you every week
  • Making the journey of sale and marketing an enjoyable ride, eliminating all doubts and worries

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Sales Professionals of all levels, Sales Managers or Team Leaders, Negotiator, Customer Service Personnel and Heads of Department.

Level for Managers and above


This training will be delivered comprising of training tools such as personalized inventories, questionnaires, tests, workshops, group discussions, flow diagrams, video examples, physical and mental exercises, role-playing, study binders, guide charts, reading recommendations and a personalized plan outline.

There is an optional exercise involving participants to “walk on fire" to instill their learning and declaration on DAY 1.
The Positive Mindset In Professional Selling
Choice & Commitment – Your Greatest Power
The Science Of Persuasion
The Distinction Between WINNING & LOSING
Influence Is The Core Of All Sales Excellence
Contact & Arouse Interest
How To Pin-Point Your Clients’ Buying Strategies
Amplify Prospect’s Compelling Reasons & Move To Closing
Choice & Commitment: Convert All Objections Into A Deal
Rising To The Next Level: Beyond Your Comfort Zone
Resolving Skepticism
Resolving A Misunderstanding
Resolving A Drawback