Time Management

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At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explore and discover your potentials – The Colored Brain
  • Develop and Apply Time Management Tools – Prioritizing and Scheduling
  • Maintain focus (Goal-setting) and self-motivate to achieve extraordinary things


Time management is the process of organizing, planning and setting priorities on specific activities, culminating in increased performance and productivity.

Many organizations are caught in the traditional Time Management cobweb. Traditional Time Management is very time-centered. See, in the practice of traditional time management, you’re worrying about the clock. You’re trying to save time. You’re trying not to waste time. You’re trying to allocate time for tasks; you’re trying to fit everything into a schedule, deadlines and trying to cram everything in. Hence, the problems and the pitfalls with the time-centered approach of Time Management; overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and pressure!

But, the millennium Time Management clandestine is a task-centered (self-manageable) approach to time management. With a task-centered approach to time management, you have no self-imposed limitations. It is to focus exclusively on completing high importance tasks whereby you focus less and do more; the 80/20 rule


This course is suitable for Managers and Executives who want to understand the Personal Time Management process


  • Psychometrics & Individual Assessments
  • Time Management Activity logs and Work-flow Tools
  • Integrated Role plays & Group Activities
  • DVDs / Case studies
Raising Your Morale – The Discovery
Time Management
Prioritizing – The Key To Efficiency
Time Management Challenges @ Work (I)
Time Management Challenges @ Work (II)
Goal-Setting & Team Commitment
Managing Team Dynamics