Transforming An Effective Safety & Health Committee In The Workplace

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(2 Days)


Experience shows that a successful safety and health organization produces the right quality goods and services at minimum cost.

  • Understand the fundamental of safety & health
  • Effectively control of safety & health policy to stimulate business performance
  • Allocation of responsibilities to promote positive OSH culture
  • Encourage cooperative, consultation for effective risk control
  • Promote effective communication for planning, implementation and reviewing performance
  • Able to conduct workplace risk assessment
  • Able to conduct accident investigation
  • Compliance with OSH 94

Safety managers, management, safety officers, supervisors, committee members and interested parties.


Highly interactive program with sharing of knowledge and experiences about the topic and problem areas the participants need to know. It consists of lectures, case study and syndicate presentation.

Module 1: Introduction
  • Icebreaking
  • Knowledge technology- The learning process
Module 2: Overview of Occupational Safety And Health
  • Accident statistics
  • Effect of accident
  • The hidden costs of accident
  • Element of control
  • Definition & terminology
  • Heinrich theory
  • Causes of accident
  • Why manage safety
  • Myths & facts of accident
  • Principle of accident prevention
Module 3: OSH Legislation
  • OSH Policy
  • Safety & Health Committee
  • Objective of SHC
  • Composition of SHC
  • Appointment of SHC
  • Removal of member
  • Functions of SHC
  • Conduct of committee meetings
  • Agenda of meeting
  • Meeting facilities
  • Training information
Module 4: Risk Management (HIRARC)
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Controlling the risk
Module 5: Accident Reporting, Investigation into Root Cause Analysis
  • Accident Reporting & Investigation
  • Practical – Role-play Accident & Investigation