Understanding Six Sigma And Specific Tools

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The most crucial and important part of the Six Sigma program is the commitment from management team. Although the initiative can be initiate by the top management, but it is always better and more effective if the senior and the middle management understands, aware and committed in implementing the initiative. Therefore, the leadership workshop to be conducted is targeting the management team.

The objective is to help management to understand the different approach of the program. It is important that the management team must be able to distinguish the different approach, so that the management will have the necessary knowledge and support for implementing the Six Sigma program. Furthermore, like any other initiative, tracking the progress of the initiative will help the management to coordinate and align the objective along the way. It will also focus on helping the management to understand their roles and responsibilities in driving the initiative as well as introduce some basic six sigma tools to the management team. At the end of day, a simulation game will be used to enhance the knowledge of Six Sigma.

  • Recognize the important of Six Sigma in today competitive business environment.
  • Recognize the approach and commitment to Six Sigma.
  • Understand the Six Sigma journey and processes.
  • Recognize the Leadership is pivotal to Six Sigma progress?
  • Distinguish the important of the behavior as a Leader within a Six Sigma environment?

Management team and Six Sigma Deployment Team


Interactive lectures, interactive instruction and experimental learning

Modules 1: What is Six Sigma
  • The Six Sigma approach
  • Six Sigma compare with other approaches such as Lean Six Sigma, TPM etc
Module 2: Why Is Six Sigma Important For An Organization To Survive In Today Competitive Environment?
Module 3: What is “True” Driver Measures?
  • Driver Measure VS Result Metrix
  • The Importance of Leadership in Lean Six
Module 4: The Importance of Leadership in Lean Six Sigma Initiative
Module 5: Learning Activity 1 - Six Sigma Assessment
  • Management System
  • Quality System
Module 6: Introduction to Six Sigma Basic Tool
  • 5 Whys
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Capability
  • FMEA
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Hypothesis Analysis
  • Design of Experience
  • SPC
  • 5S + Safety etc

Module 7: Learning Activity 2 – Simulation Game
Module 8: Wrap Up