Understanding The Labour Law And Employment Act 1955

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(2 Days)


  • To help candidates acquire a good understanding of the Employment Act 1955
  • Learn to apply the legal aspects of the Acts to their human resource management system and formulate policies that will enhance a more harmonious employer- employee relationship.
  • Understand the difference between Labor Law and Industrial Relations
  • Have a thorough knowledge of employment standards, in including general holidays,
  • annual vacation, working hours, unjust dismissals, minimum wage, layoff procedures
  • and severance pay
  • Learn how to conduct a proper Domestic Inquiry for misconduct

Suitable for HR Practitioners, Department Heads, Entrepreneurs who are running their own businesses.


Lectures, discussion, exercise and case studies. The participants will be introduced to the problems solving approaches available in HR and there will be a practical workshop on how to conduct a Domestic Inquiry.

Module 1: Introduction To Employment Act 1955
  • Labour legislation
  • Objective of Employment Act 1955
  • Application/ Scope of the Act
Module 2: Contract Of Service And Definition Of Wages On Termination, Dismissal And Retrenchment
  • Contract of service, breach of contract and termination of contract
  • Wage period, wage payment, priority of wages and deduction from wages
  • Termination and lay off benefits
Module 3: Hours of Work and Overtime
  • General restriction on hours of work
  • Rate of overtime and limit of overtime
  • Application of the Act
Module 4: Rest Days And Public Holidays, Annual Leave And Sick Leave
  • Work on a rest day, payment for work on a rest day and overtime work on a rest day
  • Substitution of public holiday, forfeiture of public holiday and payment for work on a public holiday
  • Rate of pay for annual leave, forfeiture of annual leave and annual leave upon
  • termination of contract
  • Sick leave for hospitalization, payment rate for sick leave
  • Ordinary rate of pay
Module 5: Maternity Protection
  • Quality for maternity benefits
  • Maternity allowances and leave
  • Loss of maternity allowance
  • Commencement on maternity leave
  • Liability to pay maternity allowances
Module 6: Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
  • Meaning and Definition
  • Forms of Sexual Harassment
  • Mechanism to combat Sexual Harassment
  • Protective and remedial measures
Module 7: Misconducts
  • Minor and major misconducts
  • How to deal with minor misconducts and the punishment
  • Major misconducts – how to identify and deal with them
Module 8: Domestic Inquiry
  • Section 14( EA 1955)
  • The principles of natural justice
  • The stages of a domestic inquiry
  • Preliminary inquiry
  • Charge sheet
  • Notice of Inquiry
  • Inquiry proper
  • Decision of panel
  • Disciplinary punishments