Conceptualized by a team of passionate individuals, Quorse was created to change the way businesses sourced for training, by housing a vast array of courses under one digital platform. Created purely to benefit both businesses and independent trainers, Quorse has closed the age-old gap of obtaining training to a new direct-to-trainer model that results in unbelievably low rates for quality in-house trainings. Not to mention, we’ve got a dedicated team ready to service your every inquiry.

What are the benefits?

Really, really low rates

With in-house training rates as low as ours, you’ll be able to double-up your employees’ talent growth and development, and watch as they create profits that will hit the roof!

A one-stop sourcing solution

Since time is money, we can’t waste it. Find a course anytime, at any place, immediately. With all this information at your fingertips, closing skill gaps couldn’t get any easier.

Fast personalized service

Once you book a course, expect to be contacted within an hour or less, or if you have a question, just chat with us live during working hours. (MYT–UTC+8)

How does it effect your business?

It’s FREE for life

Register for free and get access to everything you need in order for you to choose the best training course for your employees.

You can monitor everything

Get your very own customized dashboard that will allow you to manage training requests, view progress, export reports and more.

We keep it secured

You can rest assured knowing that we keep all of your business information safe in our secure closed-based solution.

Easy as pie

With Quorse you can be sure that the development process of your employees is now like a walk in the park.