Quorsé For Business


Quorsé For Business

An online training marketplace made for HR and talent managers to discover the best training courses available with no setup costs or upfront requirements
Manage multiple training requests and requirements at one go via our user-friendly Quorsé Dashboard
Develop employee competencies efficiently and effectively
We built Quorsé with every organizational need and learning goal in mind
Your company information is kept safe in our secure cloud-based solution

Source for training effortlessly

Eliminate the tedious search process.
Browse our extensive marketplace for the right training courses for your talent pool anytime, anywhere from your mobile device or computer.

Highly sought after in-demand training courses

We take pride in keeping abreast with the latest and in-demand courses and constantly update our marketplace.
Create a competitive advantage for your talent pool today.


  1. A hassle-free approach for your training needs
  2. A dedicated customer experience team to provide online assistance and support
  3. Corporate Dashboard to overlook and manage staff training requests
  4. Extended Credit Terms - within 15- 45 credit days
  5. Flexible payment - credit card, cash, cheque, bank transfer
  6. Free Registration